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About Cupcake Day

 “Bake” a difference for animals in need by sprinkling the love this Cupcake Day!


Mark your calendars! Cupcake Day for the Ontario SPCA is rolling in like a perfectly risen soufflé on Monday, February 26th, 2024. But here's the scoop—why limit the sweetness to just one day? You can fundraise throughout January and February, turning your baking prowess into a force for good and host your Cupcake Day party whenever it's best for you!

How to Bake a Difference:

  1. 🧁 Mix & Register: Stir up the excitement by registering online. It's as easy as a cake walk!
  2. 🎨 Decorate Your Page: Customize your personal fundraising page like a cupcake with all the sprinkles and frosting.
  3. 🍰 Bake It Happen: Get your apron on, preheat those ovens, and bake cupcakes that could rival a cat's purr for pure joy!
  4. 📣 Spread the Word: Ask your friends and family for donations with the enthusiasm of a dog chasing its tail. The more, the merrier!
  5. 🌈 Make a Paws-itive Impact: Your efforts go beyond cupcakes; they provide urgently needed care and shelter for animals seeking their forever homes.

By participating in Cupcake Day, you're not just baking cupcakes; you're whisking up joy, one delicious bite at a time. Your involvement ensures that Cupcake Day is the sweetest day of the year for animals in need in your community.

🐾 Join the Whisk-tastic Adventure! Register today and let's make Cupcake Day 2024 a paw-some celebration of compassion, baking, and making a real difference for our furry friends!

Here's to baking smiles and wagging tails!