Fixing my pet will make him/her overweight…

Fixing your pet should not result in weight gain if your pet receives a healthy diet and sufficient exercise.

Fixing my pet interferes with nature…

Domesticated dogs and cats are completely dependant on humans. It is our responsibility as their guardians to ensure that the number of companion animals born does not exceed the number of available homes.

All animals have the right to have one litter…

Spaying a female cat or dog before she goes into heat even once will greatly reduce her risk of developing mammary, ovarian and uterine cancer.

Did You Know?

  • Each year thousands of dogs and cats end up on the streets, where they may fall victim to neglect and abuse, or in shelters in search of new homes.
  • Fixing your pet reduces health risks and improves behaviour in cats and dogs.
  • On average dogs have 4 puppies/litter and can have up to 2 litters/year.
Pet overpopulation is an issue in Ontario.
Fixing your pet is the solution to reducing these numbers!