Virtual Bottle Drive

Time to turn in those empties and help raise critical funds for animals in the community. The Ontario SPCA Provincial Education & Animal Centre and the Markham Cat Adoption & Education Centre have teamed up for a Virtual Bottle Drive!

All you have to do to participate is return your empty bottles or cans to your local Beer Store and donate the refund to the Provincial Education & Animal Centre. Proceeds will support our virtual fundraiser Sweat for Pets and change the lives of animals in need.

So, lets cheers for charity and save local animals, one bottle at a time, by following these steps:

  1. Return your beer, wine, & liquor empties to your local Beer Store to collect your refund
  2. Donate your refund amount to the Provincial Education & Animal Centre by clicking the link below and help animals in our care

Your support helps abused, neglected and homeless animals get the love and care they deserve. Donate Today!

Field Is Required Select Gift Amount (CDN funds):

feeds a puppy or kitten.

provides a shelter stay for one animal in need.

spays or neuters a needy dog.

is a full medical exam for a rescued animal.

gives specialized care and medical attention to dogs rescued
from poor living conditions who have suffered from overcrowding and neglect.

supports our emergency response efforts
to rescue animals in immediate and urgent need.


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